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About UsAdvance Generator Engineering (Pvt.) Limited was set up in 2007, incorporate in 2014 and is authority in Power Generation. We provide high-tech backup service to client irrespective of which make model equipment they have. By engaging in multi-dimensional projects, we achieve exemplary experience in this field. We competed with the biggest names in the business and our finished works drew praise from our clients on most challenging projects.

We, AGEPL, are actively engaged in major projects in North and Central Zone with diverse nature. We believe in quality work and maximum output through flexible planning, efficient management and cost effective way is our foremost objective. Our vision is to broaden activity base to diversify into other infrastructure disciplines and achieve a healthy growth rate.

AGEPL helps you with quality and performance to meet your long-term business goals. Our extensive experience in Generator services, Installation and commissioning, overhauling and afterwards maintenance gained in the implementation / maintenance will assure you that necessary coverage, capacity, hierarchy and topology characteristics to be suit your development plans. We can also help plan end-user services and the systems to support them — providing you with differentiation.

Our endeavor to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to your problems. We understand the importance of keeping overhead and costs to a minimum. That’s why we require that all of our technicians are trained to find the least expensive solutions to your problems without sacrificing quality.

We guarantee your satisfaction. We take extra steps up front to make sure we thoroughly understand your problem, and create a well thought out approach for solving it. This enables us to avoid mistakes and overlooked issues that delay the completion of your project and cost.

AGEPL believe that you will have a dedicated engineering staff and our representative to ensure you gets the highest level of support. You can also count us to get involved with your project to make sure you are getting the best solutions and highest levels of service possible.